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Reasons for That Sour Taste in Your Mouth

Some people will experience a sour taste in their mouth, and most of those people will tell you it’s extremely unenjoyable. A sour taste in one’s mouth may be the result of an unwanted oral condition. Keep on reading to learn about the possible reasons that you, or a loved one, may be experiencing a sour taste in your mouth.

1. Bad Oral Care Leads to a Sour Tasting Mouth
You might not realize this but at least 1/3 of Canadians don’t brush their teeth every day and at least 1/5 of all Canadians will not brush their teeth for at least 2 days. The sad truth is that many individuals don’t want, or like, to brush their teeth. When these individuals do not consistently brush and floss their teeth, they will end up with many oral health consequences. In addition to multiple oral health consequences, their breath may also smell putrid and they will definitely have a “taste” in their mouth, sour or otherwise. The Upper Hunt Club Dental Centre in Ottawa strongly encourages everyone to brush their teeth, floss and use mouthwash to avoid a souring tasting mouth.

2. Dehydration
When a person’s body is dehydrated their mouth will be one place to feel this effect. Dehydration usually leads to a dry mouth. When your body is dehydrated your mouth has less saliva. When your mouth produces less saliva it usually causes the bacteria in your mouth to increase. You will generally have a foul odour coming from your mouth and it will produce a sour like taste. Once you drink water and hydrate; the foul stench and sour taste should subside.

3. Stress and Anxiety
A common response to stress that your body may trigger is a sour taste in the mouth. Individuals who may be under high stress or anxiety may experience dehydration. You must reduce your stress and anxiety levels to reduce the chances of having a sour tasting mouth.

4. Medications, Oral Supplements and Sour Taste Buds
Medication can commonly leave a temporary sour taste in a patient’s mouth. This also applies to oral supplements. Both medications contain ingredients that causes the taste in people’s mouth to feel sour. The reason why medications and oral supplements create this effect has to do with the ingredients. The substances used to make pills, vitamins and other capsules are made up of chemicals or natural ingredients that commonly leave a sour aftertaste. You can overcome this problem by brushing your teeth or using mouthwash after taking medication.

5. Illnesses
When people are sick, they usually release a foul smell. This smell often stems from the illness and from a person’s immune system trying to fight against the illness. An unpleasant smelling mouth accompanied with a sour taste can be the result. When an illness leads to a sour tasting mouth, you must treat or manage the condition.

6. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)
Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, can lead to a sour tasting mouth. This condition happens to a person when the muscle between their stomach and esophagus doesn’t open and close properly. Since their muscle doesn’t properly close acid from their stomach will travel back up into their throat and mouth. This will cause a sour taste and a rank smell. A person will have to alter their diet, cut back on portions when eating and elevate their head when they go to sleep.

7. Oral Thrush
Individuals with oral thrush often have a sour taste in their mouth. Often times, fluconazole (Diflucan) or an oral antifungal remedy will be prescribed for individuals with oral thrush. They also may be prescribed an antifungal mouthwash to get rid of the problem. Once it’s gone it will eliminate the sour taste.

8. Advancing Age Causes Sour Mouth
As people grow older their taste buds diminish. This often leads to a sour mouth. The aging process is inevitable; however, the Upper Hunt Club Dental Centre in Ottawa can help seniors keep the sour taste they’re experiencing under control.

9. Cancer Treatment
Individuals with oral cancer will usually experience a sour taste in their mouth. Oncologists can treat the cancer and have dentists provide useful oral solutions for ridding a person’s mouth of bad breath. Sucking on ice and chewing sugar free gum are some of the remedies used for a temporary solution.

With the many reasons that a sour taste can occur in an individual’s mouth, the first step to take when someone notices this taste is contacting us to book an appointment. It is imperative that anyone experiencing a sour taste in their mouth visits the Upper Hunt Club Dental Centre in Ottawa for a necessary evaluation to establish the underlying cause and to move forward with necessary treatment options. 

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