Our main aim is to help you maintain your natural teeth for life and to enable you to smile with poise.

You might have been told that you require a root canal to save your teeth. It is vital that you know why this process is necessary and what transpires when root canal is treated.


Root canal treatment (endodontics) is a treatment for nerve disorders (also known as the pulp) in the teeth. Previously, teeth with an infected or diseased nerve would usually be removed. Saving the teeth is our aim rather than taking them out. We employ every effort to help you preserve your natural teeth for life!

Why Is Root Canal Essential?

Here are the most notable factors that make root canal treatment very necessary:

  • Trauma, like a persistent hitting of a tooth in the opposite jaw or a physical blow to a tooth that traumatizes the tooth.
  • Acute gum disease.
  • Physical irritation resulting from a very large filling or deep decay.

The pulp of the tooth becomes infected and irritated irrespective of the first cause. The growth of bacteria within the tooth pulp will bring about pain and pressure, and at times come with a swollen face.
Sometimes the pulp deterioration happens slowly making only a little pain to be felt. Over time, the bacteria must surely damage the pulp. When this occurs, the bone around the tooth may turn out abscessed and infected, which may result in the damage of the bone around the tooth.


We carry out an x-ray and clinical examination to know if you require a root canal treatment. If you require one, we will arrange for a meeting with you. It is essential that you don’t skip any appointments in order to avoid delay in conducting the treatment, which can hamper success. It is advisable to take every prescribed medication and antibiotic to reduce the swelling and hasten the healing.

  1. First, we intend to relieve you of any pain you are feeling and make sure you are comfortable during the treatment. An anesthetic is used when necessary to numb the surrounding area of the tooth. A rubber dam may be used to separate the tooth; the dam surrounds the treatment part and keeps the mouth safe from chemical agents and germs. An opening to the pulp is through the tooth’s crown.
  2. We take out the infected pulp carefully. The root canal part in your affected tooth will be cleaned, widened and shaped. Depending on the severity of the problem, the pulp chamber and root canal may be filled permanently and scaled. However, in some scenario, we place a medication in the tooth for a period of time to reduce infection and control the growth of bacteria.
  3. A temporary filling will be placed in the tooth opening until the patient visits again. The tooth is left open at times to let the infection drain. We will find out what suits your case and ensure you comfort. When you come for the subsequent appointment, the inside of your tooth will be sterilized to take out the bacteria. During the root canal process, we take x-rays periodically to make sure that all infected pulp is taken out and the inner walls of the canal are smooth.
  4. To finalize the procedure, the pulp chamber and the root canal are sealed and filled up permanently.
  5. Lastly, the tooth will be restored to chewing function.

After The Treatment, What Are The Noticeable Signs Or Cares?

  1. Consider the following after the root canal treatment has been finalized: Brittleness - a non-vital (tooth treated endodontically) tooth is more brittle than a normal tooth and is also prone to fracture. Hence, most times, we advocate the crowning (capping) of the root canal of your tooth after the treatment.
  2. Discoloration - you might discover a change in the color of your endodontically treated tooth (particularly the front tooth. Note that this discoloration poses no medical threat, you might decide to undergo tooth whitening. Ensure you enquire about tooth whitening if you don’t place any crown on the tooth.

A Final Note

During the treatment period of your root canal, you may have concerns or questions not answered or addressed here. We will ensure you maximum comfort throughout your root canal treatment. Feel free to ask any question you have. Our main aim is to maintain your natural teeth for life, to enable you smile confidently!

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