Mouth Retainers: Perfectly Aligned Teeth

A beautiful smile doesn’t only depend on having no cavities. The help your smile requires is an ideal tooth alignment. While braces are the basic remedy, retainers play an important role in helping teeth stay in proper configuration. Dental retainer is an orthodontic solution that is oftentimes made of clasps, wires, and plastic. It is designed to realign teeth and ensure a straight and even arrangement. Normally, orthodontists suggest the use of retainer as a follow up treatment for those who have just eliminated their braces. While braces have toughened the process of teeth realigning into permanent positions, retainers complete this procedure through being in the last phase so orthodontists prescribe wearing them for a certain time span.

Retainer is also being utilized to correct an overbite or underbite condition teeth. While the teeth are being aligned correctly, a retainer also helps bring the lower and upper sets of teeth into normal alignment so the lower or upper lip doesn’t look too forward with the rest of his or her facial features. Dental retainer must fit snugly over teeth to promote proper teeth alignment.

Before, a retainer was uncomfortable and bulky for a patient to wear, so it was extremely common for patients who have braces to be enticed not to follow up with a retainer. This was particularly detrimental during the most essentially time, being the initial months after removing the braces. If not monitored properly, the teeth return to their problematic position and the patient may need to wear braces again. This is why it is highly recommended to follow the guidance as to how frequently a retainer must be worn. New developments in the construction of retainers made it easier to serve the retainer’s purpose.

Orthodontists suggest permanent retainers. As a matter of fact, fixed retainers don’t really need to be worn for life. Basically, they are upheld for many years. This kind of retainer needs careful daily oral hygiene as it can promote the accumulation of plaque and development of cavities that might just worsen the condition.

If you have a retainer, you must stick to regular check-ups of the fit and ensure proper oral hygiene. There must be extra care in dealing, handling and caring for retainer due to the fact that it is not cheap, not to mention that it is tiresome for a patient to undergo another fitting as well as measuring.

The best thing about retainers is that while the patient wears it, one can have a beautiful, striking smile.

Above all that, the purpose of being capable of smiling with well aligned teeth is to one day be inspired to stick with the guidelines and instructions provided by the orthodontist. A retainer can absolutely help anyone obtain their perfect smile. As a matter of fact, it can improve the shape of the face.

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