There is still hope for the teeth to get restored after they were damaged due to decay and bacteria that resides in the mouth. In order to avoid damage, we should take care of our teeth to avoid them from being decayed or fractured. One of the restoration forms that was developed for this is called inlay.

Inlay is a type of indirect restoration for teeth that usually consists of substances like gold, resin or commonly used porcelain. The solid substance is fitted in the tooth containing a cavity and is bonded or cemented in the affected place. The technique uses fabrications outside the mouth and a dental impression is prepared for the teeth.

This technique is more preferred by dentists compared to placing a filling on the dental impressions and waiting for the material to harden. Using inlay will give a longer term resolution to a decayed tooth. They usually last around 20 years compared to any other common fillings. This is why this method is most commonly preferred by dental patients.

Aside from restoration as the primary benefit of dental inlays, it is also used for cosmetic purposes. The materials used for inlays makes the tooth look natural. The resemblance virtually identical because of the color match to the original teeth.

The dental inlay is invisible when the mouth is wide open. This natural look lasts for decades giving a long lasting benefit to the wearer of this type of restoration. This method will particularly save the healthier portions of the teeth keeping them as they are.

This is particularly advantageous for teeth that suffers from sensitivity. Using inlays is more convenient and comfortable because it does not react with the changing temperature, which is a common problem of any sensitive teeth. Once teeth react to the temperature, it may cause expansion and contraction that can damage the teeth, resulting in fracture.

Inlays are very beneficial especially if the damaged location is the front teeth. Its natural look best matches that specific location on the front teeth. Its size and its shape matches with the teeth, which best fits in the deeper portion of the cusps of the tooth as a replacement for the part that was removed due to decay.

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