Some people don’t mind their bi-annual visits to the dentist. Others look at them as a necessary task and some are downright fearful of those visits. Truthfully, no one really enjoys the visits to the dentists. It’s no wonder; dental work takes a lot of time, it can be painful, costly, and all those tiny pointy instruments can be intimidating. Many people avoid going to the dentist regularly because of fear or a belief that it is unnecessary, but even the most attentive brushers and flossers need professional cleanings twice a year for optimum oral health.

For those of us who complain of pain, fear, time, or not needing dental care, keep in mind that we can’t truly be healthy unless your mouth is healthy too. Furthermore, recent technological advancements in dentistry can allow your dental surgeon to perform routine procedures quicker and with less discomfort than ever before. So, if you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, there’s no time like now. Here are some of the best new technologies in dental care that will make your next visit a breeze.

Laser Dentistry

Lasers can be used for many things in dentistry including checking for cavities, removing cavities without drilling, repairing gum disease, removing plaque and tartar without scraping and picking, or even performing root canals. These lasers are far less uncomfortable for the patient and are capable of completing procedures in less time than if done manually, further lessening the patient’s discomfort. Companies like Biolase make many advanced tools for dentistry like the aforementioned lasers, such as the Waterless Express™ All-Tissue Laser, the Epic Pro™ Diode Laser, and iLase® Diode Lasers, as well as dental CAD/CAM software.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are faster, less invasive and expose the patient to less radiation than traditional x-rays. The process works much like a regular x-ray; an electric sensor or phosphor plate is put in the mouth and a digital image is taken. The image is scanned into a computer instead of developed as a film, which allows a dentist to get nearly instantaneous images of a patient’s teeth and jaw that are saved to their file. Dental surgeons use digital x-rays to find cavities, examine the jawbone for any problems, check the placement of implants, and even determine the success of a root canal.

Intra Oral Cameras

Intra oral cameras are a new development that allow a patient to see their own mouth as a dental surgeon sees it. Sometimes, people don’t believe their dental problems are as bad as their dentist says. It’s difficult to see the extent of tooth problems inside your own mouth without the proper equipment, and many issues don’t cause any discomfort until they’re out of control and very expensive to fix. Intra oral cameras allow people to view the inside of their mouth live on screen, removing any doubt about the extent of their dental care needs.

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