Have you been experiencing a lot of discomfort because of a dental problem? If so, consult qualified and experienced dentists. Upper Hunt Dental possess enough knowledge and paramount expertise that can effectively address your problem.

Upper Hunt Dental can help relieve the pain you have been enduring. Upper Hunt Dental will not likely cause hassles as Upper Hunt Dental aim to provide the best services possible. When you are able to hire reputable dental surgeons, you will receive holistic and effective services. Below is the general service list for a Subgingival Surgery.

  1. Consultation – Before performing the Subgingival Surgery, Upper Hunt Dental have comprehensive and responsive consultation services. In this phase, Upper Hunt Dental will be able to identify whether you need the surgery or not. Upper Hunt Dental will also prepare you for the dental operation. It is best to follow the prescription to avoid possible problems in the future.
  2. Subgingival Surgery – Depending on your case, Upper Hunt Dental may provide Subgingival Surgery. You will no longer experience excruciating pain due to a dental issue. With a reliable service provider, you will be safe during and after the surgery with a peace of mind. Upper Hunt Dental use state-of-the-art tools and are aware of the most innovative solutions.

What is a Gingival Curettage?

Gingival Curettage, also known as Subgingival Surgery, is considered a surgical procedure that is specially designed to remove the soft tissue lining in the periodontal pocket. Generally, it is a solution that can make new connective tissue to your teeth.

It is used to remove osteoblastoma and osteoid osteoma. Furthermore, it is employed by a dental surgeon to address gum diseases including gingivitis and periodontal disease. When you have such a dental condition, consult to a trustworthy clinic right away.


  • Eliminate Painful Symptoms – Dental pain is the worst! It may hinder you from finish urgent tasks in your office. It may affect your productivity and inefficiency. Through Gingival Curettage, you can eliminate these painful symptoms. You will restore your healthy dental comfort.
  • Reduce Bad Breath – If this is an issue of yours, make an appointment now with a professional dental clinic. If you need Subgingival Surgery, you will be scheduled for operation as soon as possible. Upper Hunt Dental is dedicated to providing successful surgery, which can reduce bad breath and other issues.
  • Promote Healthy Teeth and Gums – Removing the soft tissue in the pocket wall will contribute to healthy teeth and gums. After a short period of time, you will form additional connective tissues. This will give you confidence when you smile. You will never feel uncomfortable when you socialize with your friends, relatives, and others.
  • Eliminate Loose Teeth – After the gingival curettage, you can avoid loose teeth. Your teeth will be stronger and healthier. Furthermore, you can minimize your risk to experience loss of teeth.

Subgingival Surgery or Gingival Curettage is the one you need when you have a gum disease. However, always take your time when looking for a provider. Choose the one that has years of experience and one whose reputation you can trust.

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