We all know people who do it. May you are guilty of doing it yourself. Waiting until the pain is not bearable just to avoid going to the dentist. This is a very common thing caused by anxiety, fear, and horror stories from friends or bad childhood experiences. According to statistics up to 15% of Americans do not see the dentist for various reasons. That's about 40 million people. From gum infections, pain, and even broken teeth. Dental phobia and anxiety are extremely common, but with medical technology advancing at a light speed pace, things may be looking up for the dental deniers.

The Intra Oral Camera is a futuristic device that looks a little bit like a toothbrush, mini flashlight or a pen. Lots of current state-of-the-art technology has been fitted into this little device that is small enough to wander around the recesses of your mouth comfortably while giving you and your dentist a high resolution look behind your pretty smile. Think of it as a high tech mirror. Finally being able to see what your dentists sees may help those of us that are somewhat dental shy to finally understand the hidden damage we may be dealing with on a daily basis without knowing it. When your dentist uses an intraoral camera during your examination, you are able to see exactly what they are seeing right then. Dentists can display clear, colorful images, allowing them to point out any issues and discuss them with you immediately. You will get to learn a great deal about your oral health, and the more you learn about your mouth, the more confident you can be when making treatment decisions.

The benefits of opting to use an Inter Oral camera go beyond just being able to see what is going on.
Each feature that benefits the dentist also benefits the patient. Your dentist understands symptoms and conditions thoroughly, but it’s often impossible to accurately explain what is happening inside your mouth just with the help of a mouth mirror or even with an x-ray image. Intra Oral cameras are able to rotate up to 90 degrees, and possess great magnifying abilities which allows your dentist to examine your mouth in extreme detail, helping them to make accurate diagnoses. Photos taken during the examination can be attached to your health record for future reference and to make tracking any changes painless.

Additionally, it can be very beneficial for insurance claims. Many insurance providers often ask for visual proof of your condition. As the high-resolution images show exactly what’s happening in your mouth, they do the same for your provider, bolstering your treatment case. Again, because digital or printed copies are readily available with an intraoral camera, it saves you and your dentist a lot of time, making your treatment run smoother. Most importantly, the process of getting your treatment approved runs smoother so you can get the treatment you or your loved one needs in a quick and timely manner.

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