Are you in need of Gum Festooning? Or are you in need of Gingivoplasty or Osteoplasty? Regardless of what surgery you would need for your teeth and gums, we have it fully covered for you.

Gum Festooning

With our dental surgeon’s help, your gum festooning procedure would surely be a success. We can help you aid retention and at the same time, reproduce natural contours, allowing you to have more confidence in your gums. Not only that, we can also help you reduce the lingual thickness of the bone between your teeth, resulting to you having healthier gums.

In case you are preparing for a trail denture, we can also perform the gum festooning procedure on your part. We are unlike other dental surgeon who waxes it straight across for we are aware of the fact that the teeth’s gingival height varies. After all, some teeth are shorter than the others. So, expect that you would receive the best result from us.


Gingivoplasty is a procedure done in order to reshape the healthy tissues in the gums in order for it to be able to provide your teeth more support. Back in the day, it is performed to treat certain gum diseases but these days, it is performed in order to help people have more attractive looking gums. This is done by reshaping the malformed gums and reducing the mass of the gums in certain areas.

By simply choosing our dental surgeon, rest assured that your excess gum tissues would be removed. That way, you will no longer have gaps between your teeth, where bacteria may build up and may cause you to acquire certain diseases. It would also be much easier for you to clean all areas of your mouth that way as well. You would also be provided with more comfort whenever you are talking, chewing or eating.


Osteoplasty is a surgery involving bone grafting and repair. It is the process where the bones are reshaped in order to fix dental problems that are related with the bones. Now, if you choose our dental surgeon to perform the procedure for you, rest assured that the bony structures that supports your gums would be repaired or altered without much trauma fast. Through it, you would be provided with gums having a correct contour. Such procedure is also essential for your oral hygiene.

On the other hand, if you are planning to have dental implants, then there is a need for you to have a sufficient bone volume in order for your implants to be able to serve you for a long time and our dental surgeon can definitely help you with that. We can help you increase your bones and have a fast recovery at the same time. Of course, the bone grafting method we would be using on your case would depend on your goals.

So, have you finally decided to go for a gum festooning, gingivoplasty or osteoplasty? Schedule for an appointment with us today!

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