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Guide to the Perfect Smile for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day just around the corner, a holiday filled with lots of love and romance. During this time many couples spend their day together. It is also a time many new couples are going on their first date and trying their best to impress their partners. A lot of smiling is done during this romantic day; our guide will help you feel confident about your smile this Valentine’s Day.

Dental Cleaning
To get your oral health it its best condition, make an appointment for a dental cleaning. Dental cleanings should be done every six months and are essential to keeping your dental health at its prime. In addition to a dental cleaning, make sure you are brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing to keep your teeth clean.

Teeth Whitening
Valentine’s Day is definitely the day you want to be showing off your pearly whites. The Upper Hunt Club Dental Centre in South Ottawa offers two types of teeth whitening; laser teeth whitening and take-home teeth whitening. Laser teeth whitening is an easy way to brighten your smile more than 7 shades in just 30 minutes and 12 shades in one hour. Take-home teeth whitening is perfect for patients who are on the go and don’t have the time to stop by their dental office. Take-home teeth whitening, by NiteWhite® ACP, gives you results overnight and not only whitens your teeth but also strengthens them. Everyone wants to look their best for Valentine’s Day so make sure your teeth are looking their best too.

Get Rid of Bad Breath
Nobody likes having bad breath, especially during a day like Valentine’s Day. There are many causes of bad breath, to learn more about these causes in detail check out our article on the “Causes of Bad Breath”. Some quick ways to get rid of bad breath include:

• Staying hydrated: Drink lots of water and avoid diuretics such as alcohol, black tea, and coffee.
• Have a proper dental care routine: make sure you are brushing your teeth and tongue, flossing, and using mouthwash to keep up your dental hygiene.
• Avoid Stress: Being stressed affects your body’s natural odour and is a cause of bad breath. Getting enough sleep is one way to avoid stress.
• Avoid Smoking: Smoking has both short-term and long-term effects on bad breath. Smoking causes chemicals to stay in the mouth that result in bad breath, and in the long-term it can cause chronic bad breath because it dries out the pallet.
• Check out oral health problems: Many causes of bad breath result from cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease. It is best to visit the dentist before Valentine’s Day to check up on your oral health and treat any problems.

Watch What You Eat
Certain food and beverages can have an odour that lingers in your mouth that may be very unpleasant. Before going on your date night avoid these foods to avoid having embarrassingly bad breath:
• Onions
• Garlic
• Canned Tuna
• Dairy
• Coffee

Some great foods that help eliminate bad breath which would be recommended to eat before going on a date include:
• Cinnamon
• Parsley
• Apple Cider Vinegar
• Avocado
• Citrus fruits

Align Your Teeth with Invisalign
Having straight teeth will not only help improve the look of your smile, but it will also help improve any dental problems such as an irregular bite, crowding, and gaps. An Invisalign treatment will take some time, so unfortunately your teeth will not be straightened by this Valentine’s Day. However, your perfect smile will be ready just in time for following Valentine’s Day. The transformation that Invisalign does not only improves your physical appearance but it also improves your confidence. Set up a dental consultation to discuss treatment options with Invisalign.

Look good and feel good this Valentine’s Day by following our guide to getting the perfect smile. Visit the Upper Hunt Club Dental Centre in South Ottawa to get your teeth prepared for this romantic day by getting the recommended treatments. Also, learn more tips about improving overall oral health and keeping your teeth at their prime by talking to your dentist. Contact us today to book an appointment and prepare your teeth for this special day.

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