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6 New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Dental Health

With the arrival of the New Year, many people are making resolutions to improve their lives in key ways. Optimum dental health should be one of them, as quality oral health impacts the body in several positive ways. Here are 6 New Year's resolutions that could lead to your best dental health ever.

1. Get Routine Checkups
Don't wait for dental problems to develop before calling the dentist. Contact the Upper Hunt Dental Centre in Ottawa to schedule a checkup. It is recommended to have thorough dental exams twice a year. These visits generally include teeth x-rays, a visual exam, a manual exam of the soft tissues, and a professional cleaning of the teeth. Any problems or unusual issues will be discussed by the dentist, with possible referrals to specialists for conditions involving wisdom teeth, gum inflammation, or tumours.

2. Brush After Eating
Daily brushing of the teeth is a critical component of good oral health. The dentist can prescribe the best kind of toothbrush for your teeth, as well as an effective toothpaste and a possible mouthwash to address specific issues like excessive dental decay. Although it is advisable to brush your teeth after eating anything, it may not always be practical to do so. At those times, rinsing the mouth with clear water can help to remove food particles and debris until you have an opportunity to brush your teeth as recommended.

3. Floss Daily
Flossing the teeth before brushing them, at least once per day, aids in removing hard-to-reach food pockets below the gum line or between teeth. It can also reduce or help you avoid gum tissue inflammation by removing bacteria and food debris that cannot be seen around the teeth. Use the type of floss recommended by the dentist for best results.

4. Follow the Dentist's Recommendations
Each person's dental health is unique. Some patients may need to have onlays or inlays for protection, due to tipped or damaged teeth. Dental veneers are another treatment that can help to protect and preserve dental integrity. Your dentist may suggest certain treatment types or plans to keep your teeth strong and healthy. The dentist may also advise you to use special dental products or tools at home. Working with your dentist to improve your teeth can lead to great results.

5. Avoid Teeth-Damaging Foods and Beverages
It is well known that people who want to avoid cavities that require fillings or may lead to tooth loss should avoid sugary foods like cookies, soda, or other sweets. Possibly less known but just as important is the fact that acidic foods and beverages, especially soda, can lead to serious dental problems over time, particularly excess decay and eventual cavities in the teeth. Many dentists recommend drinking plenty of water, which helps to keep the teeth clean and freshen the mouth. It is also suggested to snack on raw fruits and vegetables, which serve as natural toothbrushes in gently cleaning the teeth as you chew. Substances like tobacco and alcohol products should be avoided, as they have a detrimental effect on teeth.

6. Consider Cosmetic Dentistry
In addition to seeing a dentist regularly for good oral health and strong teeth, you may want to think about cosmetic dentistry at some point. In addition to educating patients about daily oral hygiene, including brushing and flossing techniques and products, dentists can explain cosmetic dental procedures that may help to improve the appearance of your teeth as well as your overall smile. If you are missing teeth, or have some that are tipped or tilted, or perhaps chipped and unsightly, you can be evaluated for solutions that could help address these problems. In addition, the dentist may offer teeth whitening treatment, which can be done at the dental office at a convenient time for you. A whiter, brighter smile can boost your confidence and self-esteem while giving you the smile you have always wanted. Whitening can remove stains on the teeth and give them a uniform, attractive appearance.

Following these resolutions faithfully can instill confidence in your oral health and hygiene and in your appearance. In just a few minutes each day and a couple of dental visits each year, your teeth can feel and look great. Visit the Upper Hunt Dental Centre today to get a checkup and learn more about different solutions for your teeth, contact us today to book an appointment.

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